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Houston, TX Chiropractors, Dr. John David Mason and Dr. Jake Price Provide Prehab, which is a Personalized Exercise Program that Provides Sports Focused Exercises and Activities for Athletes

Prehab in Houston, TX: Prehab is a personalized exercise program that continually evolves. It provides sports specific focused exercises and activities to meet different athletes’ needs. The philosophy is simple—prevent injuries. At MVMT Chiropractic, the practice of prehab and its success relies greatly on an athlete’s ability to commit to prevention. The development of the program needs to be progressive and periodically re-evaluated by our Houston chiropractors to change with the athlete’s needs.

Prehab at Our Houston Chiropractic Center Aims to Prevent Injuries

Prehab should be performed before an acute or chronic injury occurs. Some injuries are caused by freak accidents that are sadly just part of life. However, patients who follow a prehab routine can help to prevent back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, ankle injuries and other types of injuries that result from overworking or overdoing.

Who Should Prehab?

Athletes of all levels should include a prehab program in their training. The more advanced the athlete, the greater the need for a prehab program. As an athlete’s body matures within their given sport, their body adapts to the physical demands of training. Too often, repetitive movements and the daily stresses of training cause negative effects within their bodies. This limited training technique may cause tightness of muscle groups, imbalances of strength, coordination or muscle stabilization.

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